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KENDRA BLACKETT-DIBINGA is a certified Bikram Yoga instructor, a former personal trainer and a wellness advisor. She has taught in a number of studios in the DC metropolitan area. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga after the birth of her second child and has been practicing ever since. Kendra received her certification in June 2011 after successfully completing the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, a 9-week intensive course where she learned about the Bikram Yoga/Hatha system and received intensive instruction on how to coach students safely.

She understands first-hand that yoga can heal the body. After undergoing knee surgery herself and being told she would never again be able to participate in certain forms of exercise, Kendra developed a regular Bikram Yoga practice to rebuild strength in her knee. Kendra has devoted her life to fitness not only because of the benefits she has received from her regular practice but as an example to her two young daughters who say they want to be a yoga instructor like their mom! At Bikram Yoga Riverdale, Kendra wants to share her passion about the yoga with you. She will challenge you but you will leave the hot room feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Dandayamana Dhanurasana (standing bow pulling pose)
Once I am in this posture, I feel like I am in my deepest meditative state. It is not easy standing there trying to balance but if you can do it for the full minute you know you’re “in the zone”.

MPP & MPH Certifications, Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor.

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