Get Physical with Helena

Book your Physical Therapy Session with our very own Dr. Helena Workneh.

Dr. Helena Workneh is one of our instructors at BYW and she is also a licensed physical therapist. She earned her doctorate in physical therapy from Howard University in 2017. Helena’s passion for movement, body awareness, and self-care gives life to both her personal and professional life. She is currently one of the staff therapists at the Howard University Hospital. She is available for sessions at our 3 locations, Riverdale, Ivy City and Mt Vernon.

Meet our Physical Therapist

Dr. Helena is a licensed Physical Therapist and certified Yoga instructor. She is an Ethiopian native via Chicago (17yrs in the windy city!) and relocated to DC 4 years ago to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Howard University. Helena’s passion for movement, meditation and body awareness drives her personal and professional life. She currently works as a staff Therapist at Howard University Hospital and teaches part-time at the BYW studios. Helena left her desktop job 7 years ago to become a certified Bikram Yoga instructor as a way to initiate her journey into the field of healthcare. Having completed more than 8 years of practice, 6+ years teaching BY and becoming a PT in 2017, she now aims to bridge the gap between rehabilitative and preventative/wellness practices. In this unique position, she is able to focus on helping individuals optimize their mobility, wellness and education through guidance in movement both in the clinic and studio settings. Helena also enjoys music, sharing quality time (including her yoga practice) with family and friends, dancing and traveling as often as possible. She lives in DC with her sister Gelane (often mistaken for a twin, who also enjoys a membership with BYW studios and can be seen sweating it out regularly!) and their pup Gizeh.